Move2Live is a social exercise group promoting positivity and inclusion – no pressure, no judgement!

We’re devoted to two things that are important to me and my mental health: feeling comfortable to talk to mates about shit going on in life, and running. I love running! Now, Move2Live has expanded to include running and walking groups and is open to anyone. The more, the merrier.

Come meet me at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth Street, Adelaide each Wednesday evening at 6pm. We go out for roughly an hour walking from the Pub down to Morphett Street Bridge, then around the Adelaide Riverbank precinct with runners completing a 5 kilometre circuit and walkers taking a smaller, 3 kilometre circuit – both around the River Torrens in Adelaide.  Afterwards, we go back to the ‘Grace’ and have a well-earned beer!

Rain, hail or shine, we do this and I’m making a commitment to offer an opportunity for people to talk about things that might be going on in life and share experiences in a friendly and open environment.  The exercise is designed to also help clear the head and take some of the pressure out of the day to day.